Attitude is Independent of Your Circumstances

Yesterday was spent at my daughter’s 7th grade volleyball game. They had made it into the elite eight and were playing to get into the final four of our state. Nothing magnifies mistakes like a bigger stage and this was no different. The game started out with both teams (and crowds) understandably nervous. That’s a […]

Attacking The Storm

    When you have kids, at certain times throughout their lives you must take them to a doctor to get shots for different things. As the tougher parent (most days) I remember it being my job to take our first baby girl in for shots around three months old. Obviously she didn’t know what […]

Can I find more margin?

“Margin is the space between our load and our limits” Way back in the day, I went to high school at a small parochial school. I was on the basketball team and the gym we had was really small. One side had some space for bleachers but the other three sides had block walls about […]